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7 manors, 30 pastures and

million liang of Tibetan silver, 300 head of▓ cattle, and 175 rolls of pulu (woolen fabric made in Tibet) were sque▓ezed out of its serfs every year. €It is known

that each Dalai Lama had two money-lending agencies. Some money from "tribute" to the Dalai Lama was lent at an exorbitant rate of interest. €According to incomplete records in the account books of the two age▓ncies

, they lent 3,038,581 liang of silver as principal in 1950, and collected 303,858 liang in interest the same year. Governments of various levels in the old Tibet also had many such agencies, and lending money and interest collection became a duty of loca▓l officials. €A survey made in 1959 showed that the three major monasteries, namely Drepung, Se▓ra and Ganden, in Lhasa, lent a total of 22,725,822 kilograms of grain and collected 399,364 kilograms in

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